Jazz harmony

École de jazz à Paris | Cours d'instruments et de théorie

Level I

Course description and objectives:

  • Review of the major musical symbols and study of intervals then major or minor chords.
  • Three-note, then four-note chords, namely: XM7, X7, Xm7, Xm7(b5), Xdim7
  • Analysis of main major/minor cadences for the purposes of establishing the first principles of musical analysis

Level required: open to those with little or no knowledge of music theory.


Level II

  • Revision of main chords and their extensions (9, 11, 13)
  • Analysis of standards and different ways to harmonically enrich a piece of music
  • Analysis and comparison of chord charts, impros, etc.
  • Modes derived from the major scale and principle modes used on X7 chords.

Level required: Continuation of Level I, although those already having Level I knowledge will be immediately admitted into Level II.


Level III

  • Revision of the modes derived from the major scale.
  • Modes derived from the scale : minor melodic; minor harmonic; major harmonic
  • Augmented sixth chord, pedals, appogiaturas.

Level required: Open to everybody who has completed Harmony Level II, as well as all those with a thorough knowledge of cadences, intervals and the major modes.


Level IV

  • Revision of notions studied in Level III
  • More in-depth study of appoggiaturas
  • Double harmonic major scale, symmetrical scales, voice leading and mirror harmony
  • Harmonization of standards using the techniques studied in Levels I and II

Level required: open to everybody who has completed Level III.