Trio playing

École de jazz à Paris | Cours d'instruments et de théorie

Level I

Course description: focus on structure and quality of theme statement.

Course objectives:

  • Harmonic, melodic and in particular, rhythmic aspects (piano/bass/drums cohesion)
  • Importance of rhythm: Afro-Cuban rhythms, 3/4, 6/8 tempos…
  • Fast tempos, feeling the 4-measure, 8-measure cycles, etc.
  • Further exploration into the fields of improvisation and harmony
  • Work based on typical jazz approach and themes, both traditional (blues, middle-jazz standards, etc.) and modern (be-bop and post-bop)

Level required: beginner in trio, but not in piano.


Level II

Course description and objectives: trio work focused on:

  • Intros and codas
  • Establishing a melody on the piano
  • Developing solos
  • Accompanying bass solos and playing with the drums
  • Different ways to improve communication as the leader of a jazz trio

Level required: Piano II minimum – experience in playing in the trio format


Level III

Course description and objectives: focus placed on:

  • The skills and approach required when playing in trio format: listening, interplay, etc.
  • The acquisition, consolidation and reinforcement of different jazz styles.
  • This is achieved via the study of a 3-part repertoire: different types of blues and blues-changes structures, jazz themes from the 1960s, jazz compos and standards (student choice)

Level required: solid piano technique and experience in improvising