Trio playing

École de jazz à Paris | Cours d'instruments et de théorie

Level I

Jacques Vidal became interested in jazz at the age of fifteen. After co-founding the French group Magma in 1969, and a first experience as band leader in 1975, Jacques Vidal went on to make numerous tours and concerts with such musicians as Pepper Adams, Joachim Kühn, Jean-Louis Chautemps, Christian Escoudé, Tony Scott and Archie Shepp to name but a few. Jacques has recorded around twenty albums as a side man or with his long-standing friend, the guitarist, Frédéric Sylvestre. In 1994, he formed a quintet with which he has produced 4 albums.

Level II

Bruno Angelini was born in Marseille in 1965.
Between the ages of six and fourteen he studied classical piano at the Music Academy of Marseilles then took up jazz. At 24, he returned to the world of classical music, studied the works of Debussy, Bartok and Messaien, etc. and joined Samy Abenaïm’s improvisation class at the CIM jazz school in Paris.

Bruno has been performing live since 1995 and has mounted several jazz projects: Angelini/Del Fra/Onoe Trio: “Empreintes” at Sketch 2003.

Thierry Peala New Edge Trio with Francesco Bearzatti; Thierry Peala quintet with Kenny Wheeler, Angelin/Joe Fonda/Ramon Lopez Trio; Jazz 4 with Gerard Lesne, Solo “Standard Visite, “Itrane” with Sébastien Texier, Mauro Gargano and Christophe Marguet “If Duo” with Giovanni Falzone. He has taught jazz piano at the Bill Evans Piano Academy since 1996.