Jazz harmony

École de jazz à Paris | Cours d'instruments et de théorie

Levels I and II

Lilian Dericq studied piano with Samy Abenaïm and harmony with Bernard Maury. In 1990, he also studied musicology at the University of Paris VIII.

Lillian has been teaching piano and harmony at the Bill Evans Piano Academy since 1996 and the University of Paris VIII since 1999.


Levels III and IV

Etienne Guéreau studied classical piano, the fugue and counterpoint at the Issy-les-Moulineaux,  Music Conservatory, notably under Isabelle Duha. While pursuing his classical studies, he was accepted at a very young age into the Berkovitz Music School where he discovered the Berklee method of harmony and arrangements, as well as improvisation.

Etienne completed his harmonic training under Bernard Maury, with whom he studied for several years. This experience resulted in his first solo piano album : “Influences” (2005) which he dedicated to his mentors.

In 2009, he released a second album, À l’Orient de Rio.In addition to his pedagogical activities, Etienne accompanies musicians from all musical genres.