Trio playing preparation

École de jazz à Paris | Cours d'instruments et de théorie

Level I

Course description: Work based around Piano Level I program: all knowledge acquired and work proposed in Piano I is immediately applied in trio format with bass and drum backing tracks. Regular focus placed on tempo and rhythmic accents, acquiring a sense of the cycle and listening (to oneself and to others) and, in particular, on learning the left-hand voicings needed to read standards at sight.

Course objective: Introduction to improvisation through the study and aural discovery of certain modes

Level required: Minimal piano technique

Level II and III

Course description: Consolidation and development of techniques and skills acquired in Level I

Course objectives:

  • Phrasing the principle cadences using different modes
  • Comping excercises
  • Applying the techniques acquired to a variety of standards and playing in different tempos with a view to developing improvisation skills in trio combos

Level required: open to students having completed level I