Popular Brazilian Music (PBM) singing

École de jazz à Paris | Cours d'instruments et de théorie

Course description:

Collective course open to all musicians and singers wishing to discover, learn, perfect, play and sing Brazilian music.

This workshop offers an introduction to the vast rhythmic and melodic diversity of this beautiful and captivating music giving students a better insight into this fascinating musical universe and history, as well as its artists and folklore.


Course objective:

Every rhythm is approached through the study of two pieces presenting different characteristics.
This enables students to acquire a more solid rhythmic base and produce a well-shaped melodic line and musical interpretation.

Focus placed on:

  • Rhythm and singing, as well as an introduction to typical instruments such as the Pandeiro, Tamburim, Tantan
  • Audiovisual sessions (CD/DVD) designed to give students an insight into, and take something from this musical universe to enrich their own.

Level required: Singing workshop Level I