Internal regulations

École de jazz à Paris | Cours d'instruments et de théorie


General principles

Article 26:
Courses are held from Monday through Saturday inclusive at the Bill Evans Piano Academy and any other address assigned by the school.

Article 27:
Students are given the list of school holiday dates upon registration.

Article 28:
Admissions are open to everybody aged 16 and older. Younger candidates require a special exemption granted by the Director of the School and must be presented by their parents or tutors.

 Article 29:
In addition to their tuition fees, students are required to pay a registration fee which covers the costs related to their file preparation and audition as well as to photocopying, the water fountain and the rental of premises for public concerts, etc. The amount of the registration fee is fixed by the Administration Board of the B.E.P.A. Association every year, and is currently 61 Euros.

Those who wish may also become active members of the association. This entitles them to assist at general meetings and sit on the Administration Council.


Article 30:
Admission to the Bill Evans Piano Academy is subject to passing an audition/interview during which candidates are assessed on specific aspects that will enable the Director of Studies to accurately appraise their motivation and level regarding their chosen course of study.
This is essential to ensure that classes are homogeneous in terms of student level and to optimize teaching conditions for teachers. Candidates must specify any other details concerning their course choice and times during the interview.



Article 31 :
Inscriptions are registered once students have
– approved the amount of the quote prepared for their chosen course of study and validated by the management of the school;
– read, signed and approved the Internal Regulations;
– paid a deposit equivalent to 30% of the total tuition fees (including registration fees).
The outstanding 70% must be paid by the beginning of the school year. Failing this, access to class will be denied.

Article 32 :
The outstanding amount may be paid in 3 installments

 Article 33 :
No refunds will be made for absence or withdrawal from class during the school year.

Article 34 :
Students who have applied to a vocational training body for aid to finance their studies, and whose dossiers are still under review are exempt from paying the 30% deposit.
Students who have been awarded full or partial financial aid must, upon acceptance of their demand, pay the difference.
When financial aid provided by a particular vocational training body does not include the registration fee, this must be paid by the student.

Article 35 :
The definitive inscription recorded in the School’s registrar obliges students to assist all courses and respect the School’s disciplinary and Internal Regulations.

Absence and Lateness 

Article 36 :
All absences and late arrival in class for any reason whatsoever must be justified.

Article 36 bis:
Student absence is justified:
– if the secretary or teacher have been informed beforehand
– for sick leave of over one week. In this case, the student must present a medical certificate. 

Article 37 :
Lateness to class is tolerated up to 10 and 15 minutes, respectively for 1 hour and 2 hour classes.
Students arriving later than this may be refused entry to class.

Article 38 :
In the case of students with 3 absences or 3 unjustified late arrivals to class within the month, notification of their lack of assiduity will be submitted to the Teachers’ Committee, which can exclude them from the class in question. 


Article 42:
– All cell phones must be switched off during class.
– Smoking is prohibited in class.
– No drinks (bottles or goblets) or food may be taken into and consumed in class.

Article 43 :
Students are responsible for any damage they may cause to the building, furniture, instruments and other materials.
In the case of minors, their parents, or tutors are responsible. 

Article 44 :
All cases of inappropriate student behavior that prevent the smooth running of group classes, are examined by the Teachers’ Council which could call a meeting of the Disciplinary Council.